Campania is a territory very rich in Oasis and Natural Reserves, all characterized by peculiarities unique of their kind.

The WWF Oasis of Persano is one of these. It stays inside a Site of Community Importance, belonging to the municipalities of Campagna and Serre, both in province of Salerno. Moreover, it is a Zone of Special Protection.

The area expands for about 110 hectares and is known above all for the presence of the otter, wonderful and rare terrestrial mammal at risk in Italy. For this, the WWF Oasis of Persano is better known also as Otter’s Oasis.

In fact, the Otter is a little mammal that lives, inside the Oasis, in the waters of the Sele river that, with the near tributaries, houses one of the most important populations of this species.

In fact, the WWF Oasis of Persano, known under the Convention of Ramsar as Humid Area of International Importance, stays in the high part of the Sele Plain, at the inner vertex of the plain that as a fan opens towards the sea between the Picentini Mounts and the Alburni Mounts.

An enviable position from the territorial point of view, which has favored during the time the diffusion of a diversified flora and fauna, well integrated with the surrounding environment.

Inside the Oasis and in its immediate surroundings, in fact, it is possible to appreciate a big number of herbaceous, arboreal and shrub environments that are at the basis of the big biodiversity that characterizes the area.

The Oasis can be divided into three different environments: the lake, the rushes and the hygrophilous wood.

In the lake, there are different water plants as the Water tongue, the Water yarrow and the Hornwort, essential for the nutrition of the vegetarian water birds that live in the Oasis, like the Coot and the diving ducks.

The rushes are copious and are mainly made of the Common reed.

Finally, the hygrophilous wood is one of the most important of Italy. Here there are the Black poplar, the Black alder, the White willow, the Purple willow and thirteen species of orchid.

Instead, as for the fauna, being a humid area, the Oasis of Persano is the ideal habitat for the water species and the rushes: common pochards and ferruginous ducks, mallards and Eurasian teals, Eurasian widgeons, pintails, garganeys, coots and northern shovellers. Therefore, all typologies of birds that here can nest and get through the winter.

In the area, there are also the cormorant, the herons, the night herons and the squacco herons, but also several species of predators as the European honey buzzard, the black kite and the osprey.

Instead, among the amphibious, the Italian crested newt, the common toad, the Italian tree frog and the green frog can be found.

The Otter of Persano The queen of the WWF Oasis of Persano: the otter…

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