It is not difficult to fall in love with Ischia, an island that every year counts thousands of tourists on its coasts and its spas.

In fact, this island in Campania is full of tourist attractions. Therefore, let us try to build a mini guide for the curious traveler.

Among the wonders of Ischia, surely there is Mount Epomeo. It is the highest point of the island (787 meters) and its top offers breathtaking views. Mount Epomeo is also shrouded in a mystique aura for the presence of the hermitage of Saint Nicholas, once inhabited by friars. The peak is reachable from locality Fontana, a steep street but easily walkable.

In the wonderful bay of Cetara, then, we find The thermal gardens of Poseidon, a park composed of 20 thermal pools (three of them covered), private beach, sauna, restaurants and much more.

In Panza, a hamlet of Ischia Forio, we find the Bay of Sorgeto that allows plunging in the thermal waters that pour directly in the sea. The people of Ischia are frequent visitors of this place reachable through two hundred steps.

The gardens La Mortella are a wonderful botanical park that conserves more than 184 different species of plants. The gardens, particularly equipped with didactic paths, allow learning curiosities and characteristics of the preserved varieties. The mild weather of the Island is naturally favorable for the prosperity of the plants.

The most famous beach of the island, for its position, is that of Citara.

Always sunny and with its big grain golden sand, the beach of Citara is a paradise of relax.

The symbol of Ischia is then its Aragonese Castle, vertically on the sea and dripped with history and legends. For the visit to the castle, the entrance is through the gallery that was made dug in the rock by Alfonso I of Aragon. The castle often hosts events and cultural manifestations.

The most picturesque place of the island is Sant’Angelo. Typically inhabited by fishermen, on the islet of Sant’Angelo, you can touch the most ancient tradition and culture of Ischia. The islet is joined to the island by an isthmus almost 120 meters long.

Actually, every point of Ischia is interesting. Its stacks seem bizarre jokes of the nature for their particular shapes. Its houses tell us about a perfect living together of man and environment.

Ischia has also a strong culinary tradition and many evocative pubs to try its tastes…

To conclude, it is difficult not to fall in love with all the treasures of this island of the Gulf of Naples!

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