For the enthusiasts of the marine and underwater sports, the Amalfi Coast is a chest of opportunities.

This part of coast of Campania, placed at the south of the Sorrentine Peninsula and onto the gulf of Salerno, in fact, is famous all around the world for the naturalistic beauty, not only on its surface, but also under. Considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Coast boasts waters rich in hidden beauties that can be discovered through activities like snorkeling.

In fact, snorkeling in the Amalfi Coast means plunging in a sea that donates incredible surprises also for the non-experts, even if respecting the rules of safety and wisdom, in addition to the laws of the place, is extremely important. Nevertheless, generally, it is enough a mask, a breathing equipment and flippers, beyond the tools of warning, to do this fascinating sport.

The bottoms of the Amalfi Coast are really interesting for such activities. In fact, they have a rich marine vegetation and a big quantity of fishes that do not escape to the sight of the visitors. They accompany them in silence and curious of their presence.

The richest zone in flora and fauna is then near the stacks, where it is necessary to pay particular attention to snorkeling. And one of the most spectacular and prestigious zones overall stays off Positano. Here, you can glimpse a series of fabulous little coves and exciting grottos that winds along the coasts of Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri, as the famous Green Grotto and White Grotto.

Among the fishes that can be admired inside the waters of the Amalfi Coast during an immersion or an activity of snorkeling there are above all big ones, as gropers, octopuses and some morays, but also more little fishes that move in group.

The vegetation is very rich and various too and offers itself to the explorers in an incredible show of bright colors.

Among the most particular species, there are the actinia, better known as ‘sea tomato’, and the bright black sea urchins. These can be also picked, in certain moments of the year, to be tasted in some delicious recipe of the place. Those who desire snorkeling in the part where the slopes of the mounts arrive until the sea through the steep cliffs, have to pay particular attention for the main depths that characterize these bottoms.

In any case, discovering the waters and the bottoms of the Amalfi Coast by snorkeling is a unique experience.

 The colored underwater world of the Amalfi Coast

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