Fragneto L’Abate is a little village in province of Benevento characterized by the presence of oak woods. Exactly from these trees (in Italian called ‘farnia’), it derives the name ‘Farnitum’, become then in Italian ‘farnito’ and later ‘Fragneto’.

The expression ‘Abatis’, that is of the abbot, was surely added to ‘Farnitum’ by the Abbots of the church of S. Sofia of Benevento. In fact, the Abbots received as gift this territory from 1099.

In Fragneto L’Abate, you can enjoy a still intact and pure natural environment. In fact, the village stays near Reggio Tratturo that from Pescasseroli arrives to Candela. Therefore, an ideal itinerary for the walks.

The people of Fragneto L’Abate are characterized by the simplicity that has always marked their way of living. In fact, all the history of this territory has passed with the rhythm of the slow farm work, of the livestock breeding and of the wood collection.

Exactly from the origins of these people, rural and pastoral, it is born the Feast of San Martino. The feast is obviously inspired to the legend of San Martino, a noble knight who cut with the sword his own cape to cover a chilled beggar. The miracle that happened is known as Summer of San Martino.

During the latest days of warmth, before the long winter, in Fragneto L’Abate, they celebrate for three days. In fact, the Feast of San Martino is held from November 11 to 13 with music and shows, artistic and artisan reviews, in the alleys, gates and palaces of the old town center.

Numerous inhabitants define this village the ladle for its shape. In these days of celebration, it is custom to go all over the ladle. It is characterized by a road long about 500 meters that is divided into two lanes. These, with a circular walk, at the end rejoin.

The symbolic meaning of the feast is to evocate, almost exorcise the subterranean forces from whose benevolence the rebirth of the vegetation and the agricultural production, after the fall standstill, depend.

The visitors, crossing the ladle, can taste the local culinary products, prepared by the women of the village, with secret recipes. The pizza of San Martino is a typical and famous recipe of the place. It is a pizza prepared with anchovies in little pieces put on a puff pastry, rolled and baked in oven.

Then, during the feast, it is indispensable the tasting of chestnuts and just pressed new wine.

A visit to the Clock tower and to the churches of Santa Maria and of the Assunta crowns the celebration.


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