With the enhancement of the medieval town of Sieti and its six hamlets, the ancient municipality of Giffoni Sei Casali, at 8 km far from Salerno, put between the Amalfi Coast and the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, a big program of tourist development has started. The entire community has aimed at the recovery of the real estate and at its good accommodating capability, therefore trying to enhance the local tradition of hospitality.

In Sieti, a system of reception and stay has been realized, for the traveler who loves pleasant stays in tourist accommodations obtained from rural houses, noble and monastery palaces, furnished with style. Always combining the ancient with the most modern comfort.

For some years, Giffoni Sei Casali hotel town has entered the project Villages of Europe, the international network that promotes a hospitality of excellence in unique places. The little village and the six hamlets, with narrow lanes of stone where the ancient noble palaces look onto, on the one hand aim at the reception of excellence and on the other, at the spread reception in B&B, with the rural houses of the old town centers and of countryside.

The strength of the project Sieti hotel town is the private initiative that allows integrating, with the B&B, the income of the citizens, almost exclusively coming from the agricultural production and that has realized important recovery and enhancement interventions of historical dwellings, like the Renaissance Palazzo Pennasilico, famous for exclusive stays in the suites of the alcoves.

Visiting Sieti and Giffoni Sei Casali means entering a territory-hamlet, in a space where the time marks the rhythm of the images. A magical point of the Mediterranean where the flows of ancient cultures acquire the European dimension.

A place for the hospitality with modern comforts and above all a vast choice of opportunities to spend your spare time.

‘The towns carry out a mediator function between the past and the future, to make more accessible the future or to bar us the way. I believe that the towns create a temporal relation among their people and put them in some way in a no one’s land between past and future’.

This is what, in the 80s, Wim Wenders wrote, offering us a look on the town and on the identity that it shows. A look that has been a glue for the several projects of the program ‘Hotel Town’ that, for years, has been involving the municipal administration of Giffoni Sei Casali and the entire community. It is a program of ideas and prospects that has aimed and aims at activating the debate between functional and creative project, in particular the recovery of the old town centers and the contemporary sculpture.

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