Pietrelcina, the birthplace of Padre Pio is a medieval hamlet of undeniable beauty.

The living crib that is presented here recreates scenes faithful to the imagination about the birth of Jesus.

For this, the living crib of Pietrelcina is one of the most fascinating and participated of the region.

The crib of Pietrelcina was born in 1987, in the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Padre Pio.

The first representation was held in the room under the house of Padre Pio in the quarter ‘Castello’. The interest that these first scenes raised was such that it had a really high number of visits. This enthusiasm has protracted more and more in the time.

It was thought to organize the manifestation for three established days, 27th, 28th and 29th, to make it an important annual event with certain dates. They tried also to improve its scenic design expanding the zones of the representation. The attention was more and more on the costumes, with a meticulous research.

Therefore, with great precision, every year, the landscape is prepared. The staging takes into account typical aspects of the Palestinian villages, rich in spontaneous vegetation.

In the month of December, with the progress of the works, the external walls of the houses and the alleys of the old town center change aspect. Palms, branches, bushes of reeds and straw, are put in such a way to cancel any track of the times in which we live.

The most of the scenes shows mostly rare jobs today, using tools that date back to the childhood of our grandparents. The actors, with their experience, allow watching how once they made the cheese or the handmade pasta, the bread or the typical desserts of the zone, how they washed the clothes or spun the wool. And more, how they caned the chairs or made the baskets, sculpted the stone or worked the iron, the wood, the leathers.

Wonderful and unforgettable scenes, like that of the nativity scene with the latest born in Pietrelcina, in the stable under the house of the Saint.

The splendid play of the birth of Christ will come back next 27th, 28th and 29th of December. An unmissable experience for those who love the cribs and the atmospheres of Christmas religiousness.

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