In the enchanting scenery of the Pertosa Caves, at the foot of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, during the month of August, every year the Negro Festival takes place, kermesse of music and ethnic culture that attracts every year lots of spectators, lovers of the good music, of the still uncontaminated nature and even of the typical cuisine of Cilento.

The event is named after the river that springs from the Pertosa Caves. The symbolism of the river springing from the caves, the Negro indeed, in addition to its name, reiterates the purpose to represent the flow of the river of the popular music, with its ‘karst’ walk, that is, the story of a little river that springs and disappears in the caves to fall, after a brief journey, onto the underlying and more important Tanagro. Splendid metaphor of the popular culture and of its creative relationship with the modernity and the other cultures, not only musical, that the contemporary society feeds or often destroys.

Obviously, the Negro is not only music. Art and Nature are at the center of the festival too. The caves, the trekking excursions, the speleology will attract all the tourists.

Negro is a music festival born in 1996 to pay homage to the culture of Campania and the South, creating sympathetic exchanges with other cultures.

il fiume Negro nelle Grotte

The karst river Negro flows in the Pertosa Caves.

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