The visit to the Caves of Pertosa is done on a raft that from the entrance leads to the caves with picturesque names, like the Arm of the Wonders, with the falls of stalactites that intertwine with the columns of stalagmites, or the Throne Room, with a formation that looks like a royal throne.

Getting in the raft, the visitor crosses a first part invaded by the waters of the river Negro, from which you arrive to the bowels of the earth immersed in a magical silence, where lights and shadows meet in the pouring down of the great natural waterfall.


The environment is surreal, with tunnels, arcades and caves that open in front of the visitor’s eyes. Groups of stalactites and stalagmites shape in turn with mysterious forms, to whom often imagination has given a name. Just imagining the time that a stalactite or a stalagmite needs to grow of one only centimeter gives the idea of the hugeness of the miracle that the nature has fulfilled and continues to fulfil still today.

This magic experience is due to a constant intense activity of the nature, from 35 millions of years. In fact, the Angel’s Cave was already inhabited during the Stone Age, as the remains of Neolithic and Aeneolithic stilt houses show. Then it was used as place of worship by the Greeks and the Romans. During the Christian age, it was consecrated to the Archangel Michael.

There are different itineraries that allow everybody to visit different zones of the Caves of Pertosa with several modalities according to the type of interest, enjoying a constant inner temperature of 16° C during all the year.

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