Laceno is set in a landscape of extraordinary beauty among woods, streams and majestic mountain ranges, boasting a very rich naturalistic heritage where the lake finds its space.

Laceno Lake is surrounded by peaks that are higher than 1500 meters, the most interesting ones according to a geological profile and for the presence of a rich flora and fauna are: Mount Cervialto 1809m, Mount Rajamagra 1667m and Mount Piscacca 1470m.

On the upland, it is present the Village with the same name Laceno, made of tens of cottages, residences and numerous big and small accommodating structures that put at the center the wellness of the customer. There are numerous restaurants that rediscover tastes of a tradition that combines, in a wise way, the genuineness of the local typical products with the originality of ancient recipes. The typical products par excellence are the black truffle of Bagnoli Irpino, the mushrooms, the pecorino of Bagnoli, the provolone podolico and the much sought-after chestnut of Montella. To these products, you can excellently combine the full-bodied wines of Irpinia, the Aglianico and the only Doc of the South of Italy, the Taurasi.

For those who simply desire relax, there are plenty of choices:

organized excursions, routes in mountain bikes and even tennis courts, football fields, recreation grounds for children and horse-riding services.

Along Laceno Lake, you can observe the migration of herons, storks, mallards, Eurasian teals, but also predators like the buzzard, the kestrel, the peregrine falcon and the sparrow hawk. Little owls and barn owls, magpies, woodpeckers, nightingales and chaffinches do not lack.

Laceno is the winter and summer tourist center of Irpinia thanks to the variety of excursion paths, ski slopes, stables and several restaurants that favor the development of the place in all the seasons. In winter, it is the ski station par excellence. In spring, the visits to the spectacular Fiumara di Tannera are recommended, where you will be fascinated by the sources, the little waterfalls and the several fords that will appear before your eyes.

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