Insolita Italia is ready to leave to discover the naturalistic, historical and cultural beauties of one of the most fascinating zones of Campania.

In fact, an original and special blogtour is starting. It will focus on the wonderful zone of the Gulf of Naples.

Main mission will be the enhancement of cultural, environmental and tourist heritage of these enchanting places, but also showing the symbol places of this blogtour, that is, Capri, Ischia and Procida, from a very particular point of view.

In fact, the blogtour will discover the several beauties of the place on board of a wonderful boat, the Sunsail Cyclades 50.4.

 Blogtour Sunsail Cyclades 50.4.

Sailing in the waters around Naples and its islands, the special team of Insolita Italia will discover evocative glimpses, places of cultural interest and typical products of these places.

The exciting blogtour is leaving on Monday July 18 from the Gulf of Naples towards Procida. Here we will visit two of the symbol places of the island, that is, the shop and the factory of the lemon perfume, product of excellence of Procida. Then, we will follow with a fantastic photographic tour of the Island with a special courier, the assessor of Tourism.

The second day, the Insolita Italia blogtour, after having tasted some delights of the place like the famous Cat Tongues, will venture in a circumnavigation to discover Vivara and Chiaioiella to then leaving towards Ischia. Here we will visit symbol places like Sant’Angelo, Cava Scura, but also the Archaeological Museum Pithecusae.

A special tour in Vespa to discover the cellars of Ischia with a visit to the famous Thermal Baths La Romantica and a descent to the suggestive small port of Sant’Angelo will end the second day of the blogtour.

From Ischia, the Insolita Italia team will leave in the direction of the wonderful Capri.

Here, the water activities in the shadow of the Faraglioni and a surprise party with a famous chef will end the program of the third day. Not before a visit to the old town center of Capri by night, to discover unique atmospheres. The blogtour will end on Thursday July 21 with the return to the Gulf of Naples.

Five young professionals of the travel, lifestyle and photography sectors are ready to leave for this suggestive blogtour by Insolita Italia. They are Nunzia Cillo, Giada Pappalardo, Laura Masi, Roberto De Rosa and Alessia Russo.


Blogtour Nunzia Cillo

Nunzia Cillo, globetrotter lifestyle blogger and freelance photographer, has won the Imagelogger Award 2014 and has been awarded by Samsung Camera International and Getty Images in Las Vegas in January 2015. Suggested by Mashable in the list of the 12 instagramers who ‘make want to give everything up and travel’, she loves the photographic storytelling and telling herself on her website Entrophia.


Blogtour Giada Pappalardo

Giada Pappalardo, 26 years old, Sicilian, graduated in Business Economics, lover of the sea and the islands, is an instagramer, blogger, photographer, fan of social media and digital tourism. She tells herself on her website glamphotomix.


Blogtour Laura Masi

Laura Masi, authentic Florentine, hectic and stubborn, loves catching Florence through her camera. She cannot stay still in the same place too much and takes trains and planes for love, work and study. Her strong points? She puts the heart and great effort in whatever she does and is crazy about the cats. On Instagram is @Ruberry.


Blogtour Roberto De Rosa

Roberto De Rosa, Neapolitan, class of 1988, graduated in Laws, in 2009 approaches photography and digital communication of social networks and blogs. In this way, he starts to depict anything catches his attention during his travels around the world. Therefore, he becomes coolhunter and streetstyle photographer and his photos arrive on prestigious magazines and sites such as Vanity Fair, Officiel Italia, Vogue, GQ UK, Americanapparel and many others. On Instagram, he is @robertoderosa.


Blogtour Alessia Russo

Last but not least, Alessia Russo. Dreamer with the feet on the ground and the head in the clouds. When she travels, she has always at her fingertips a smartphone or a camera because, if she does not take pictures, she feels uncomplete. Looking continuously for a balance, even if then she is carried away with emotions as usual. She tells herself in her blog alessiarux.

Follow us to discover all the beauties of the blogtour.

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