The suggestive Via de’ Mercanti (Merchants’ Street) crosses the entire Old Town Center, allowing a jump into the past to those who decide to know Salerno, in its most remote corners and alleys too.

The original commercial center of the town, still today, preserves untouched its trading nature and its millennial history.

Via de’ Mercanti is heaving with life. Always animated with people, it is a continuous succession of shops and stores that develop in the alleys that intersect it, characterizing in this way the ancient area.

The commercial activity combines ancient and modern, sacred and profane: from the votive aedicule that sparkles, quiet, in front of the more modern scenery of contemporary design, from the ancient patisserie to the small store of ceramics or of art, from the antique shop to the fashion boutique.

Entering Via de’ Mercanti, you can breathe a different atmosphere. Maybe for the size of the little streets, the light and dark that accompanies you in the alleys of the restaurants of Salerno, the majesty of the Baroque style that characterizes the ancient buildings of the Old Town Center of Salerno: here all is culture; from the cuopperia of oily fish to the pizzeria that proposes the ‘refilled cornicione’, from the ancient eighteenth-century fountains to the old and traditional patisseries of Salerno.

Via de' Mercanti a Salerno

The length of Via de’ Mercanti is about one kilometer and allows the visitor to jump back into the past. 

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