The magic of the past with its thousand facets comes back to show itself in a place where the time has preserved untouched its fascination.

A medieval village, rich in traditions, art and architecture as Teggiano, of great historic and urban interest, deserves a careful visit.

During the centuries, the center has conserved unaltered the traces of the medieval age, starting from the original structure of the Castle, dating back the Norman age, object of important restoration interventions wanted by the princes Sanseverino.

The queen of the events of Teggiano is undoubtedly ‘Alla Tavola della Principessa Costanza’ (At the table of Princess Costanza), one of the artistic-culinary festival with whom the organizers intend to bring back to the top the splendor of an ancient past. Between the 11th and the 13th of August of every year, it is possible to taste real culinary delicacies in an itinerary proposed by the historical taverns of the village, whose alleys are full of music, jugglers, minstrels and musicians, accompanied by flag-wavers and drummers. The event recalls the wedding, in 1474, between Antonello Teggiano (1)Sanseverino, Prince of Salerno and Lord of Diano, and Costanza, Federico da Montefeltro’s daughter, the great Duke of Urbino. This is a unique occasion to admire the valuable artistic and cultural beauties of Teggiano. In fact, during this event, all the monuments are open at the same time.

At the table of Princess Costanza is a unique occasion to enjoy all the artistic and cultural heritage of Teggiano.

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