After its journey to the discovery of Procida, Ischia and Capri, Insolita Italia is ready to leave again for a new, fascinating blogtour that will bring us to the discovery of Irpinia- a place of great cultural and artistic interest- and of its wine and food excellences.

On days 5 to 8 of October, this original tour aims to unveil the cultural and artistic beauties of the area through a wine itinerary,  the tasting of typical local products, show cooking and many other surprises.

More specifically, on October the 5 -the first day of tour- our team will stop in Montoro to visit Caseificio di Montoro, and farms like Gb Agricola where the chef Nicola Barbato will be showing the famous Cipolla Ramata di Montoro.

On the second day, the visit to the vineyards will take place. There, the bloggers will participate in the thrilling experience of grape harvest, grape tasting and the ancient technique of pigiatura (pressing with feet), through which the process of grapes turning into wine begins.

There will also be a visit to Parco Archeologico Aeclanum, to the ancient Taurus Castle and the city centre. Inside Taurus Castle a great show cooking  based on local products will take place in the evening with ColtieMangiati and chefs from Irpinia.

The third day will be particularly busy. After a visit to Gesualdo and his Castle, the tour will pause in Rocchetta San Felice and the ancient Borgo. It will also pay a visit to the archeological-theme park, to the ethnographic museum of Aquilonia and to Monteverde city centre.

The secrets of Caciocavallo Irpino and cold cuts will be unveiled during the discovery of Calitri’s city centre and cave. The final day will be dedicated to the discovery of cattle farming. A special lunch will also be served in the picnic area of the Bioparco.

Roberta Castrichellla, Nicolò Balini, Serena Bertozzi, Daniela Vietri, Alessandro Zaccaro and Ramona Pizzano are the professionals in the field of food and travel that will leave for this evocative Insolita Italia blogtour.

Let’s get to know them better!

Roberta Castrichella


Thirty years old, born in Rome but living in Milan, she has a passion for blogging: Roberta defines herself as a “curious person, that loves cooking, photography, discovering new things, travel, and above all, eating!”

She loves to know about food, to eat it, to cook it, to tell about it: that is why, after having graduated in Engineering, she decided to dedicate herself to the world of food and opened a food blog: She doesn’t like to talk about herself, but rather she lets her recipes talk for her. You can find her on Instagram as @robysushi.

Serena Bertozzi

Serena has Tuscan origins, with a hint of Latin America in her blood. When she was a little girl, she was a hopeless chatterbox and always valued communication as a fundamental element, so, when she discovered the Internet at the end of nineties, she realized that she could make her voice heard far outside the reach of her little universe.

She began with Youtube and then she went on with her social profiles which tell the story of her life, from vlogging to photo storytelling. She aims to create a bond of quality and trust with her followers, suggesting them destinations, travel solutions and products that she had the opportunity to test in person. She wants to transmit to people that life is a wonderful adventure and that traveling, understanding and learning are the best gifts we can make to ourselves. Her blog’s name is matchalatte and you can find her on Instagram as @matchalattevlog.

Nicolò Balini

Twentyfive years old, photographer and video maker, Nicolò recounts all his adventures around the world on the Web. After having finished his studies in the tourist field, he has been working as a travel agent for several years: in 2013 he decided to undertake a new road, which could put his passion for travels and photography together, creating a new type of job. Now he produces videos and web contents about his adventures in the world to those who follow him on Youtube, his blog and his Instagram @humansafari


Ramona Pizzano

With a passion for engineering,  she  is a professional foodblogger: born in Irpinia more than 32 years ago, Ramona says she landed to the world of food and of bloggers more or less seven years ago. Animated by a passion for cooking and, above all, baking, she decided to open a blog and to share on the internet all of her cooking experiments. Farina, lievito e fantasia is her virtual diary, where it is possibile to find many recipes inspired by italian tradition and more. Food experiences and travel recounts, photos and features: this is the soul of Ramona’s blog, that you can find on Instagram as @farinalievitoefantasia.

Daniela Vietri

She loves to describe herself as a “former regretful lawyer” because this choice has influenced all her life. She describes herself as a determined person who, after years of law studies  and of practice in the legal profession, realized her dissatisfaction and turned the page, attending  a professional chef course and then working in the kitchens of some roman restaurants. Her blog’s name is and you can find her on Instagram as @cucinallibriegatti.



 Alessandro Zaccaro


Alessandro is a food and travel blogger. He doesn’t think himself a cook, instead he describes himself as a person who loves to eat and cook: these features label him as a lover of culinary art, whose expertise has grown and cemented thanks to his family, as humble and attached to tradition as open minded.

Since he was a boy, he has been driven by a curiosity that  gradually brought him nearer to the kitchen until, as a grown-up, under the influence of experienced friends, he approached the typical umbrian cuisine. Alessandro loves to re-invent italian dishes and international recipes and, in the past years, he has been working hard to perfect his techniques in the field of Patisserie, because “food isn’t only nutrient, it is a WAY OF LIFE”. His blog is and you can find him on Instagram as @fancyfactory.

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