Do not hope to do shopping in shops that show handcrafted products off, in Vallo di Diano the sole opportunity is tracking down the few surviving laboratories or talking to the elderly, who during the summer sit down at the front of the door of their houses and intertwine baskets, carve bowl or embroider.

In Padula, groups of embroiderers meet at St. Francis’ Monastery and at Chianca Vecchia mainly working on commission and giving the revenues to charity. However, it is possible to contact them to know if there is an exposition or something ready for sale.

The stone manufacturing, which once had made known, outside Vallo di Diano, the stone-cutters from Padula, continues to be alive as handcrafted culture in Teggiano and at La bottega della pietra (the stone shop) in the principal square. Always in Teggiano, the art of forging continues from several generations, realizing, also on commission, furnishing elements and little sculptures.

  Embroiderer of Teggiano

Instead, for those who love the ceramics, in Sala Consilina there is the laboratory of two brothers, who, from Grottaglie, reproduce from a couple of generations the fashion and the forms of the ancient handcraft of Apulia, region with whom Vallo has always had commercial relationships.

The manufacturing of the willows dates back to the dim and distant past, to create baskets, containers in various shapes and dimensions, fusciéddi, used to give the shape to ricottas and cheeses.

The owner of the library in the Certosa of Padula, passionate about history and traditions, sells, in addition to books, boxwood shawms and zampognas, even some baskets made by the few artisans who continue to intertwine.

For those who love food and typical products, Vallo is truly a land to discover: along with the several cheese factories where to buy mozzarellas, caciocavalli, cheeses, there are shops where to buy honey, oils, homemade pastas and very savory cured meats.

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