Visiting the Amalfi Coast and the naturalistic beauties of its places from a completely different point of view is possible

For those who love the sport and want to enjoy the beauties of a place not only from the dry land, but directly from the sea, one of the perfect solutions is the kayak.

Especially during the summer, taking part into excursions with kayak in the zone of the Amalfi Coast is the perfect compromise to join the discovery of the places in a totally eco-friendly way with the sport activity.

Anybody can participate in the kayak excursions, even the unexperienced ones, if they can swim, but they have to entrust to experts of the sector that know how to safely guide the visitors giving them the necessary equipment, but also the fundamental notions about going in the sea and respecting all the rules. Therefore, it is good to rely on expert and certificated guides.

Many kayak excursions give also the possibility to choose various itineraries, different for the duration of the excursion and the preferences of the tourists, giving them also the possibility to stop to have the time to better visit the various places, discovering their hidden wonders.

During the journey, then there are stops to rest, taste the savory local typical products and sunbathe, or swim and make other water sports such as snorkeling, particularly appreciated in the zone of the Amalfi Coast for the beauty of its bottoms.

Moreover, it is possible, for those who are particularly expert, to take part into half-day excursions, from 3 to 4 hours, perfect to visit the Amalfi Coast with kayak and enjoy its beauty visiting particular places such as the fiord of Furore or the zone of Maiori, while instead extending the hours passed in kayak, you can arrive to Positano, Cetara and Capri.

 costiera amalfitana fiordo di furore The fiord of Furore, one of the wonderful places of the Amalfi Coast you can visit in kayak.

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