Tempi Connessi (Connecting Times) is an innovative idea for the management of the national cultural and artistic heritage, through the use of advanced technological solutions.

Tempi Connessi is an innovative idea for the Cultural Heritage management. However, what do we mean for ‘innovative’? Connecting Times aims at developing advanced but accessible technological solutions, for the enhancement of the archaeological and monumental heritage, for the protection, preservation and fruition of the national overall cultural heritage and to make this heritage integral part of the population who lives inside it, but probably not aware of its value.

Connecting Times arises from the union between technology and culture. The Databenc District, with its projects SNECS and CHIS, meets with the superintendences for the protection of the entire archaeological, architectural and landscape heritage.

The leitmotif among past, present and future is outlined to create a space-time continuity within everyone’s reach. It has to highlight the passage of the time and its stratifications on the territories, through the towns, the monuments, the landscapes, the traditions. The important thing is to build a network of spatial and temporal connections that allow a ‘hypertext’ navigation of cultural heritage.



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