The Sound Archive of Campania is a digital case that collects sonorous, photographic and audiovisual materials and inserts itself into the network of archives of popular music traditions, with the aim to give back to the local communities documents of their own cultural traditions, simplifying their consultation to scholars and enthusiasts.

The fruition of the audio and video materials stored in the Sound Archive of Campania is possible thanks to IT stations in the State Archive of Naples, or remotely through the web site.

Among the available documents, there are the recordings of the Battuglie di Pastellessa (traditional carts) made in 1976 in Macerata Campania by the anthropologist Annabella Rossi, during the feast of Saint Antuono. Probably, these recordings testify one of the latest executions of the Battuglie di Pastellessa entirely acoustic, that is, without the use of amplifiers on the Carts of Saint Antuono as it happens today.

Sound Archive of Campania

In a certain sense, entering the Sound Archive means living again an atmosphere of 40 years ago, rediscovering the heritage as it was then. Therefore, these are documents of great value.

A place of absolute importance, in the documentation of the Archive, is occupied by Roberto De Simone in a finally complete overview of his varied activity of researcher, scholar, composer and dramatist. Near the numerous recognition on the field about several aspects of the popular culture, given back to the listening in a rare expressive clarity. In the Archive, you can see also the great works that the master has taken from his personal and always original revisiting of the tradition, from the Cantata dei pastori to Mistero Napoletano until the mise-en-scene of the Feast of Piedigrotta. Obviously, it could not lack Cinderella the Cat of which the Archive has recovered also an important part of the first and unpublished edition of Spoleto of 1976.

Therefore, the Sound Archive of Campania is a documentation – sonorous, photographic and audiovisual – of primary importance that offers also a vivid slice about the cultural history of the region of the latest decades, when authors of varied training dealt with popular culture.

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