An exciting journey at the center of the Earth like a real speleologist to discover the wonders of nature and live again the millennial history of Vallo di Diano.

In the Speleo-Archaeological Museum of Pertosa and in the Multimedia Civic Museum of Padula, the new technologies allow deepening the history of Vallo di Diano and the most important discoveries of speleo-archeology.

The Museum of Pertosa (Vallo di Diano)In the Museum of Pertosa, the visitors with the archeological exposition can know the prehistoric settlements and see reconstructions of activities in the cave in real scale explicative of digs and discoveries while with the multimedia Geo-Speleological itinerary, they can travel again through the geological evolution linked to the phenomena of karst.

The multimedia itinerary that gives to the visitor the impression to go down in the bowels of the earth starts with a virtual lift with seven monitors, installed to simulate a series of portholes from which you can see the external landscape flow. At the end of the itinerary, it is proposed a video-game with seven questions about the topics dealt with in the several panels, once passed the answers, you enter an hypo-labyrinth where the visitor moves a micro-camera following on a screen the way to the itinerary that brings to the exit, while on other four screens the videos of the ‘secret’ caves, not reachable by the visitors, are transmitted.

The Museum of Padula (Vallo di Diano)Also in the Museo of Padula, dedicated to the archeology and the Risorgimento, you can start – through screens and talking closets – an interactive itinerary about the millennial history of Vallo di Diano, from Prehistory to the XIX century. The visitor, from the virtual reproduction of the archeological findings, passes to the ‘rooms of the treasure’ of an intellectual of Padula and to the events of the Risorgimento until reaching the upper floor, where, in the last room, they can be present at a ‘trial’ to Carlo Pisacane, protagonist of the Sapri Expedition ended between Padula and Sanza.

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