The painting attributed to the painter Giacinto Diano, cleaned from the invasive intervention, has made emerge a different planning of the initial drawing.

In the Holy Rosary Church in Taurasi, it is conserved the oil canvas ‘The Holy Family’, attributed to Giacinto Diano. A light and delicate gracefulness in the tones, a soft and free drawing, a really harmonious happiness in the composite group, a combination of colors that reveal a particular artistic sensitivity, are the features of a greater stylistic determination that are recognized to this art work. The theme is at the same time simple and incredibly complex. From the iconographic point of view, it is a subject almost poor of originality, immediately identifiable.

Tela di giacinto Diano taurasiThe three characters have exemplar poses, like in a book of memories or like model of an ideal family. Mary is a young mother, innocent, full of attentions, veiled by a breath of sadness; Jesus is an adorable child and Joseph, set a little aside, on the background, an old but diligent father.

In 1969, Ovidio De Martino, painter from Frigento, carried out the restoration. However, the peculiarity of this canvas is emerged more recently, in 2007, when there was the cleaning of the first invasive intervention, which brought back to light an uncertainty that Diano had during the manufacturing of the painting. At first, the figure of Joseph was placed more below, but evidently, it did not entirely satisfy the painter and did not integrate perfectly, thus was differently repositioned.

Giacinto Diano (Pozzuoli 1731 – Naples 1804), nicknamed ‘O Puzzulaniello’, in a short time succeeded in conquering a place of relevance in the artistic landscape of his time. In fact, in 1773 he obtained the designation of Professor of Drawing and Master of Painting at the Royal Academy of Arts, remaining there until 1782. Diano has a rich artistic production, spread in different places of Southern Italy.

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