The Palace of Frederick II, also called Casinò del Principe, stays in a place full of history, a hamlet of Calvi ‘Il Cubante’ whose name comes from Leo Cubans (the lying Lion).

In this place, it passed the Appian Way that went to Eclano. Moreover, here it would have held the Battle between Tiberius Gracchus and the general Annone. Later, always against the general Annone, another battle by the Consul Quintus Fulvius Flaccus. In the Middle Ages, here there was the meeting between Roger II of Sicily and Pope Honorius III. Other battles were held in this place between 1100 and 1400.

Secret documents of the Vatican archive testify that Calvi was one of the last, if not the latest residence of Frederick II of Swabia in the South of Italy.

In the Vatican document, in fact, we can read ‘The holy church of Santa Sofia owned all the Cubante except from the palace that emperor Frederick made build in outrage…’, reference to the fact that Frederick II would have made build the palace in that place as scornful gesture against pope Gregory IX with whom he was in conflict.

Probably, the building was erected around 1229 when Frederick II came back from the Crusade in Holy Land. Other hypothesis identify the year 1240 as building date. Known as hunting casino, according to somebody, it was made build by the Swabian Emperor because it was necessary for restoring stops during his travels in his transfers to Menfi.

Palace of Frederick II in CalviThe building, located on a little upland, at 250 m a.s.l., looks onto the valleys of Samnium and Irpinia. The building is in grey stone and today is substantially intact, even if not in excellent condition. It has been inhabited until rather recent times. A part has been restored and now is a farm holiday center. Today, the Palace of Frederick II is property of five citizens.

The province of Benevento is rich in history, thanks to the presence of people who on its territory have alternated during the centuries, leaving prints and traditions.





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