The DOP white fig of Cilento owes its denomination to its pale yellow color.

In view of the Christmas time, the ‘White Fig of Cilento’ can be tasted filled with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, fennel seeds, peels of citrus or covered with chocolate, or immersed in rum too. Also the figs dried and then gilded in the oven are more and more wanted, above all the filled ones. The peeled figs, without skin, with a very pale color tending to pure white and with a delicious taste, are precious but rare because of the high costs of preparation.

The ‘White Fig of Cilento’, with its pasty pulp, a very sweet taste, owes its fine characteristics, besides the intrinsic qualities of the Dottato variety, to the fruits cultivation and production environment. It is made in 68 municipalities, mainly included in the area of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. Therefore, it would almost say ‘a territory well Dottato’ (provided with), given the name of the typical cultivar that during the centuries has been chosen and spread, with a specific ecotype of Cilento.


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