A journey to discover the legend of Taurasi and the Aglianico, one of the most appreciated wines of Irpinia in the world.

The origins of this fascinating town, Taurasi, date back since the dawn of time. Numerous archaeological findings testify that the territory was populated in the Aeneolithic period. The legend tells about a bull, mythical ruler animal of the tribe of the Taurasini (people of Taurasi), descendants of the Samnites, which arrived from North and occupied with its tribe a very wide area of the current provinces of Avellino and Benevento. From this legend, this area was named ‘Campi Taurasini’ (Taurasi’s Fields) that have then made arise the State-Town of Taurasia, today known as Taurasi.

Taurasi is the most important enological center of the Medium Valley of Calore, cradle of birth of the most important wines of Irpinia, among which the Aglianico, which today tells us its story:

‘I am a surly vine variety: I ripen late, I am intense and sour at the beginning, difficult to cultivate and very difficult to wine make, with tannins that need time to be softened and an high acidity that assures me the right time to be smoothed. Unique in the scents of violet, black cherries, undergrowth and little fruits, my winemaking can make me ordinary or sublime. Together with my great brothers, the Fiano and the Greco of Tufo, I represent the column of an inestimable heritage of wines of Irpinia. Where can you find us? Come to Taurasi, in the awarded Winery Antonio Caggiano. There you will be able to know, taste and appreciate us, savoring the poetry of ancient cellars and of the wine that flows directly from the wood barrels.’

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