The peculiarity of Teggiano is a gastronomy that can be defined Mediterranean for the presence of homemade pastas ‘fusiddi, cavatieddi, ravaiuoli, parmatieddi and urecchi ri prieuti’, flavored with sauce enriched by the taste of the ‘vrasciole’ (pork chops) of Teggiano or by the ‘cared sausages’.

The fusilli are little spirals of pasta, made with a needle, passed horizontally in the center rolling the pasta around it and towards the exterior. A medium length pasta is obtained and can be flavored with simple or meat sauce.

Le paste di teggiano

The parmatieddi are made with whole-wheat flour, water and salt. Flavored with sauce, made of tomato, DOP extra virgin olive oil, mince, onions and a bit of salted ricotta.

The ravaiuoli teggianesi are a fresh pasta filled with ricotta, the pettila, a kind of pasta of about 2 or 3 cm put all around the filling and closed with the fork. They are enough big ravioli, about 12 cm for 8 cm.

They can be made also ‘a crona’, that is with the form of a crown and remember Princess Costanza’s crown. They are typical dishes of the farm tradition, which continue to be supported by very enthusiasts, reunited above all in the association ‘Teggiano antica’.

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