The red potato of Padula definitely distinguishes itself from the other varieties of potatoes cultivated on the Italian territory, first of all for the aspect of the tubers that have a red colored peel. Inside it has a milky white color and frequently presents red veins in correspondence to the change cells and near the buds.

It grows on the mountain and from the organoleptic point of view, the Red Potato of Padula presents excellent characteristics in particular due to the consistency of its paste and the contents of dry substance. It is ideal for the preparation of traditional dishes, such as pasta and potatoes or cooked in the oven with the sausage, and thanks to the high values of crunchiness and typical taste, is perfect for the frying.

Padula nel gustoAt the end of the summer, the feast of the mountain red potato is celebrated, during which it is possible to taste traditional dishes made with the mountain red potato.

Moreover, you can reserve the seed to spread the cultivation of this particular potato.

The event aims at developing around it interests from the cultivation to the consumption of the potato. It does not want to be classified among the usual culinary events, but it intends to highlight the social cultural historical and economic context inside the territory of Vallo di Diano and in particular of Padula.




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