The Cipolla Ramata of Montoro, precious bulb hailing from the zone of Montoro Inferiore

The Cipolla Ramata of Montoro (coppery onion), in province of Avellino, takes its name from the coppery luminous reflections of its ‘skin’; the ‘spherical’ shape can be similar to a spinning top or flatter, inside the thick veinings (cataphylls) alternate, harmonically, white and purple.

Coppery body and white and pink striated soul, the Onion of Montoro is beautiful at the sight, perfumed, sweet, tasty, delicately aromatic and persistent, raw or cooked (it has an elevated endurance to the ‘fire’ for its great capability of conservation thanks to the high percentage of dry substance) is one of the special products of Irpinia, not to be missed, with the great white wines of the Province.

The method of cultivation is traditional, remained unvaried for all the Territory of production and includes seedlings in the autumn previous to the harvest, transplantation in the field between January and February (bedding out of the plants, one by one, by hand in double lines, waiting, after some months, to make see the light to the grown bulbs), summer harvest between June and July, drying on the field and following storage (in well-aired specific wood structures), packing and commercialization.

The taste of the Cipolla Ramata makes it suitable for many recipes: the typical ones are the grilled Cipolla Ramata, gratin in the soup or filled.

The Cipolla Ramata of Montoro is included in the specific lists of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies among the Traditional Food Farming Products of Region Campania.

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