The Annurca of Campania is defined the ‘queen of the apples’ thanks to its marked organoleptic qualities: flavor, taste and scent. This apple is famous for its white compact and crisp flesh, agreeably slightly sour and perfumed.

Its depiction in the paintings found in the excavations of Ercolano testifies its very ancient relationship with the Campania Felix.

Surely, the pedoclimatic conditions typical of the cultivation areas in which it is exalted, induce the fragrance and its characteristic taste.

The Annurca Apple

One of the typical elements that surely characterizes the annurca is the reddening on the ground that this apple undergoes in the ‘melaio’ (place where the annurca trees are). Once it was covered with layers of hemp, today substituted by other materials (cereal straw, wood shavings). This practice aims at ending the aging of the apple and chooses all handy procedures. Therefore, this phase, exalting its characteristics, gives typicality to the product.

The annurca apple has digestive features and is excellent for the diabetics as it graduates the assimilation of the glucose.

Moreover, it lowers the cholesterol in the blood obstructing its assimilation.





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