Since always, the people of Gesualdo are, and not casually, called with the nickname of Menestrari (greengrocers), for the copious fruit and vegetable productions that enriched the local markets and those of the near villages.

The cuisine of Gesualdo is simple and little sophisticated and fully embraces the peasant culture.

The typical recipes are characterized by the easiness of execution and the simplicity of the ingredients almost exclusively coming from the local fields.

Exactly for these features, for the excellent taste of the meats, the excellent quality of the vegetables, the genuineness and the taste of any other product, the many masterly combined local scents, the once ‘subsistence’ cuisine today has become much sought-after gastronomy.

Thanks to the favorable exposition and the richness of the water sources, the territory of Gesualdo donates very precious cultivations of vegetables, among which it should be underlined the Celery.

An overview on typical dishes of Gesualdo makes the mouth water: only to start with, Fusilli e cauzun’ (Fusilli and ravioli with ricotta), Laghene e fasule (Tagliatelle or lagane and beans), Cecarocquele e vruoccole (Cavatelli and broccoli).

‘Substantial’ also the corn flour pie, that is, the Pizza Jonna and the Paparott co li paparul sicc (Polenta and peppers). Among the dishes with vegetables, we find the Menesta Ammaretata (Vegetables with pieces of meat) and the Ciambottela (Mix of season vegetables); while, for those with meat, the Mugliatielli with tomato sauce or white with potatoes, the Tracchiolelle e sausicchie piccante (Ribs and spicy sausages), the Spangiedd re puorc co patane e paparul (Fried ribs with potatoes and peppers) and the Panzett r’ain ‘mbottit (Stuffed lamb’s bacon).

Finally, you have absolutely to taste the recipe of Gesualdo of Baccalà co le patane scaorat e li paparul sicchi (Salted cod with boiled potatoes and dried peppers).

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